“Behold the Majesty: Stunning Portraits of Maine Coon Cats, the Gentle Giants of the Feline World”

“Behold the Majesty: Stunning Portraits of Maine Coon Cats, the Gentle Giants of the Feline World”

We at ICanHasCheezburger have a soft spot for all felines. There are no boundaries to how much we love cats. We accept orange cats that appear to have a single brain cell and occasionally wander into walls as well as tiny kittens that can fit in the palm of your hand. Even the excessively fluffy cats are beloved despite their propensity to leave fur all over the place. We respect all cats and demonstrate it by creating amazing collections. Today’s selection honours Maine Coons, massive and powerful felines. These magnificent cats may fill an entire room and look like miniature tigers. We still value them, though, since there are always more cats to adore. We’d like to introduce Big Felix to you right now.

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Looking at these incredible photographs, it’s easy to understand why cats were so revered by the ancient Egyptians. Even though they can be bothersome and urinate on our bedding, we still enjoy these cuddly critters. The cat in question, nevertheless, seems wonderfully regal. “Just take a gander at the huge size of this goofball,” says u/1337enzo.


Watch your lovely pet cat for a moment. Now, give it another look. Can you picture having a cat the same size and build as the one before it sat on your chest in the morning, begging for food? We realise that just thinking about it could make you short of breath, so take a big breath. The “Maine Coon” breed of cat is very large.


This? Oh, it’s just a Maine Coon that weighs 33 pounds or 15 kilograms, as shared by u/karmagheden and u/tyner100.


Someone shared a story on Reddit about their wife’s wish to get a cat and how they initially said no. However, they now have a 14-week-old Maine coon kitten as their pet.

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Kefir, the massive Maine Coon cat is often mistaken for a dog due to its size.

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I need assistance, I requested for a Maine Coon cat but instead received a young wolf.

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Introducing Disco, the Maine Coon! I’m curious, do these feline friends ever reach a point in their growth where they stop getting bigger?


Although he may seem a bit silly, there’s no denying that he’s a stunning Maine coon that could easily be mistaken for a supermodel.

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According to u/brainjam60, the adorable Big Dale is just a little over five months old and already larger than the average adult Maine Coon!

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Have you had any experience with Dark Paws Maine Coon kittens? This was posted by u/Bucksy83.

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Introducing my latest furry friend, Link – a Maine Coon.

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Looking for a male Giant Main Coon? Check out u/Arkamis! They have one available.

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Hey there! I saw a post asking about color patterns in Maine Coons and I was wondering the same thing. Is it possible to identify specific patterns in kittens, and do these patterns have official names? Also, does anyone know what pattern Mr. ViVo might have? Let’s discuss!


According to u/nat-72o’s post on @mco_vivo, my huge Maine Coon cat Luna is becoming acquainted with a six-week-old kitten that was discovered on the roadside.

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“Enough space to accommodate two Maine Coons comfortably,” shared by u/ladymierin.


I recently attempted to take Toot Bear’s tennis ball and now he seems upset with me.

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“Check out this picture of our enormous Maine Coon! Can you believe how big our furry friend is?”


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