Discover the Fascinating Story of Geri, the Chimeric Cat with a Unique Double Face

Discover the Fascinating Story of Geri, the Chimeric Cat with a Unique Double Face

Every cat is different, just like every other living thing. But some cats are different from others, not because they are better, but because they are made up of more than one cat. At first, you might find this hard to understand and wonder how this is possible without being seen as elite. But in fact, there is a rare genetic disorder called chimerism. This is when two or more zygotes merge during conception, making a hybrid of cells from two different types.

The word “chimerism” comes from Chimaera, a creature from Greek mythology that was part lion, part goat, and part dragon. Even though real chimerism isn’t as fancy as its mythical cousin, it is still very impressive to see. Geri, a Persian Ragdoll with chimerism, is a rare animal that has recently become famous on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. Its cute appearance has won over the hearts of thousands of fans.


No matter how good a writer is, the best person to explain a pet is the person who owns it. Erika, who is happy to be Geri’s owner, told Bored Panda her story. In 2019, she found Geri at the pet shop she always went to. When this happened, Geri was only 2 months old. Erika used to like dogs, but after she got Geri, she switched to liking cats.


Have you ever observed that she seems to have two faces which is a result of her possessing an uncommon condition? This peculiarity makes her stand out from the rest.


Erika says that Geri’s new success on the Internet makes her very happy. It makes her realise all over again how lucky she is to have Geri in her life.


Chimerism is a normal process that happens when an organism grows from two or more parts, also called zygotes. Many experts and researchers around the world are interested in this interesting event. With picture credits to, it’s clear that many people are eager to learn more about this unique biological process.


Erika’s beautiful photos show how beautiful Geri is, and Erika gives Geri all the thanks for that. Erika’s love of photography comes from the time she spent as a trip writer. She also finds Geri’s many expressions cute, which makes her want to take lots of pictures of her. Erika loves every moment she spends with Geri and hopes that her photography will help her remember those times. Geri’s genes are interesting because they come from two different kinds of cats. This makes her a beautiful and unique Persian Ragdoll. So calling her a liar might not be such a bad thing after all.


Check out Geri’s owner having some fun by attempting to mimic the iconic look of Cruella de Vil with their own face. The image credit goes to



Geri really does have a brother, and his name is Taiga.


The cat in the picture by is called Geri, and he has a white brother named Taiga. They have the same father, so they are brothers. Geri, on the other hand, sometimes gets mad at Taiga because he likes to follow her around, which sometimes leads to fights. But there are times when Geri shows Taiga she loves him by licking him, which makes their owner happy. Taiga is not as special as Geri, but he is still a cute and fluffy cat like any other.


When they work together, they’re a great team.


Geri, on the other hand, is currently reveling in his online fame and recognition.


As a bonus, we have a lovely picture of Geri that is just too cute. So long for now!


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