“Don’t study anymore, give me some food,” my cat said

“Don’t study anymore, give me some food,” my cat said

Even though it would be nice if our cats could tell us what they want with words, their expressive eyes and cute meows tell us everything we need to know. Cats are experts at communicating without words. They often use their body language, sounds, and even just their presence to say what they need. When a cat meows and looks at you longingly, it could be asking for food, love, or something else.


When your cat “says,” “Don’t study anymore, give me some food,” it’s probably a mix of things going on. Cats have a good sense of time and can learn to follow routines. Your cat might have known that it was time to eat, or she might just want to hang out with you instead of seeing you studying. The meow is their way of getting your attention and letting you know what they want.


It’s important to pay attention to these signs and make sure your cat friend’s needs are met quickly. You and your furry friend will get along better if you take a short break from your studies to feed it and maybe play with it or cuddle it. This will make both of your lives more fun.


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