5 Cats Feline that love Water

5 Cats Feline that love Water

There are minimum about of cats that like water and can deal with it. The article is about the cat breeds who are not afraid of water. And can stay on water as long as they like. Welcome to the List of 5 cats that love the water.

Turkish Van

turkish van

The Turkish Van, often known as the “Swimming Cat,” is renowned for its love of water and may be one of the oldest domestic cat species still in existence. Numerous lists of cat breeds that enjoy the water place this species near the top. These cats, so the story goes, came to Mount Ararat aboard Noah’s Ark and decided to leap ship and swim to shore. The cats relocated to the Lake Van area once the waters subsided, where they are still reproducing today. The breed may have evolved its swimming abilities to prevent overheating during the summer, when local temperatures can get far above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, according to scientists.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat (also known as “Wegies”) is a hearty and robust cat, much like the Viking cats they are descended from. They are almost fearless. They share with many of the other cats on this list a thick, water-repellent coat that keeps them warm and dry. This cat breed is an expert hunter and fisher, and it has no difficulty going its paws a little wet or even going for a swim.

Maine Coon

maine coon

The thick, water-repellent double coat that Maine Coon cats have has allowed them to survive in the wild for ages. They are fluffy, huge, and dominant felines. Even while the majority of Maine Coon cats are now contentedly housed and tamed, this doesn’t mean that they have lost their affinity for and aptitude for swimming in the water. Many Maine Coon cats may voluntarily enter the water, sneak into your shower, or even spend hours playing in the water from the tap.

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Bengal Cat

bengal cat

Given that they were produced by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals appear to be a little more like wild cats than most other tamed species. With their striped appearance, they still resemble a wildcat, just smaller. Bengals still retain some wildcat traits, including as a fondness for water, despite the fact that they no longer contain any wildcat blood. If your Bengal likes to swim or jump in the tub with you, don’t be shocked!



The Manx is indeed a cat that can have fur that is short or long and has different colors and patterns. It is an island cat. They are probably not afraid of the water because they are from the Isle of Man, a small island off the coast of Britain. Rather, they are more likely to be inquisitive about it and wish to play in it. Don’t be shocked to find a Manx playing with any source of water it encounters, from the sink to the bathroom to the lake & swimming pool out back!

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