Top 5 Oldest Cat Breeds in the World

If you want a cat that live much longer and spent a peaceful life with you. Then we can help. Today we are about to given you 5 of the oldest cat breeds that live in the world.

Top 5 Oldest Cat Breeds in the World

Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau

According to legend, the Egyptian Mau looks much the same now as it did 3,000 years ago. Ancient artwork from thousands of years ago features cats that resemble the contemporary Egyptian Mau. Archaeologists have found cats in ancient Egyptian tombs that resemble the modern Egyptian Mau. The Mau could be related to an African Wild Cat subspecies with spots. Maus are quick and can run up to 30 miles per hour. They can also jump six feet into the air from a standing position. Because they take their time to develop relationships with people and other animals, they are frequently perceived as being a little distant.


perisan cat

One of the oldest cat breeds is the well-known Persian, which is represented in hieroglyphic texts from as early as 1684 B.C. and is thought to have sprung from Persian longhairs (now Iran). The distinctive long, flowy, thick jackets of the Persian are well-known. The toes are densely tufted, and they have a lovely, round face with wide cheeks and bright expressive eyes in contrast to  round-tipped ears. Its short tail is lofted at a lower angle than the back and without a curvature. To maintain their medium-sized to large thick style bodies, this breed possesses heavy-boned legs.

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Siberian Forest Cat

siberian forest cat

The Siberian cat is the more popular name for this cat breed. It’s a Russian cat breed that dates back many years. According to some theories, all current long-haired cats descended from the Siberian, and the Siberian is most likely closely linked to the Norwegian Forest Cat . Siberian cat was  one of just 3 long cat breeds that were listed in the 1700s in England at the inaugural cat show. The Siberian is exceptionally perceptive, intellectual, and naturally gifted at solving problems. This breed enjoys education, easily picks up tricks and commands for obedience, and also enjoys being in front of people.


abyssinian cat

Among all of the historic cat feline, this really appears to be the most controversy about its past. One of the oldest cat breeds still in existence today, the Abyssinian originated in ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago. Some claim that the Abyssinian cat breed originated in ancient Egypt because of how similar it is to items from that culture. This Abyssinian cat is extremely athletic and enjoys learning tricks for people. It enjoys learning from human behaviour analysis. They can fly six feet in the air and are quick and nimble. They like to sit on shoulders, tall shelves, and other high areas.


korat cat

The Thai government has formally designated this breed as a national treasure. The earliest records of the first are from 1350 CE. In addition to having gorgeous blue fur and green eyes, these kittens attracted notice for being among the tiniest domestic cats in the entire globe. The muscular Korat has a heart-shaped head, enormous, brilliant green eyes, and a downward bend to its nose that gives it a lion-like appearance. Korat is known to form strong bonds with his family and home, and he enjoys calm homes and receiving care from his humans.

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