“Insta-Famous Cat Twins: Get to Know the Sister Cats with Special Heterochromatic Eyes!”

“Insta-Famous Cat Twins: Get to Know the Sister Cats with Special Heterochromatic Eyes!”

Introducing Iriss and Abyss, two sister cats from the UK who are well-known for having the rare ailment heterochromia iridis. Their eyes have distinct colours as a result of this benign ailment, the left eye is sapphire blue, and the right eye is hazel.


They have their very own Instagram page, which their happy father Pavel Dyagilev, a native of Saint Petersburg, Russia, created and brags about, calling them “the most beautiful twin cats in the world.” In the beginning, Pavel found a social media ad looking for a new home for two kittens and ended up adopting both of them.


After viewing the gorgeous pictures of the twin girls together, Pavel Dyagilev made the kind decision not to separate them. When he came across cat photographs, the two twins who were often pictured next to each other caught his attention. He was intrigued by the cause of their distinctive trait, heterochromia, or differing eye colours, and learned that it is most frequently seen in white-colored cats. However, the heterochromia that Iriss and Abyss share sets them apart from their parents and other littermates.


Since he adopted his distinctive cats as kittens back in 2015, Pavel Dyagilev has drawn a lot of interest. Many individuals have been speculating about the veracity of the photographs of them or whether they were specifically raised to resemble those things. Over 200,000 followers, including some who aren’t generally cat aficionados, have been won over by these purely genuine kitties.


Dyagilev has no plans to bring them out into the public to mingle with their fans, despite all the buzz. He confidently declared, “The girls don’t really care about their online following. “However, they do have all the necessary traits to become true stars.”


Pavel Dyagilev said he’ll keep posting updates on Iriss and Abyss’ everyday activities via social media. They dislike going out in crowded locations or to exhibitions because of their level of stress. The unique beauty of Iriss and Abyss can thus be appreciated by the entire world thanks to Dyagilev’s Instagram account.


Not all feline couples with heterochromia have found success on Instagram, including Iriss and Abyss. Rosie and Poppy, a mother-daughter pair of hairless Sphynx cats, have gained a lot of notoriety for their unusual hazel and blue eyes as well as their wrinkled, hairless bodies. Their mother, Sarah Jenkins, started posting images of them on social media after hearing criticism about their lack of hair.


In order to dispel the unfavourable prejudices that Sphynx cats frequently encounter, she wanted to draw attention to their distinctive appearance and promote their warmth and friendly personality. Jenkins thinks that showing off her feline friends’ loving nature will encourage people to see past their differences and value them for who they are.


Photos Credit: SISTWINS

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