Sitting in Her Driveway, Panting In The Summer Heat, Crying When It Saw Her, It Tried To Walk But Could Only Manage a Couple Of Steps

Sitting in Her Driveway, Panting In The Summer Heat, Crying When It Saw Her, It Tried To Walk But Could Only Manage a Couple Of Steps

A kitten was panting in her driveway when she arrived home, It was so heated during the summer. It cried and tried to walk in the direction of her when it saw her.

It was well over 110 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Bree first noticed the little kitten after returning from supper with friends. The kitten meowed in desperation when she spotted her because she had obviously been abandoned by her mother and was severely underweight. She made a couple attempts to move in Bree’s direction, but she was unsuccessful.

Sitting in Her Driveway 2

Bree brought the kitten inside to get some much-needed food and water as the Mother Cat was nowhere to be found. The kitten needed urgent attention, so the following day Bree took it to the veterinarian. She discovered Cloe, as she called her, to be parasite- and flea-infested on the inside.

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She was also badly dehydrated and malnourished in addition to all of that. That veterinarian informed Bree that Cloe would probably have passed away if she hadn’t brought her in! She only weighed 7 oz. as it was.

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Cloe was bottle-fed continuously for the next few days. Bree was adamant that this small kitten would live despite never having owned a cat before. The first two days were the most difficult of all; Bree slept very little, but Cloe required assistance. All Bree could do was make sure Cloe was warm and loved despite her lack of interest in feeding.

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“4 days later… finally ready to play! Happy, healthy kitten,” said Bree.

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For the next day, Cloe was fed every three to four hours. When Cloe was ready to be adopted, they were supposed to find her a home, but that never happened. Cloe was still too small for her age at the age of five weeks. On the good side, she was at least starting to act playful and curious. She was old enough to supervise her father in the kitchen at the age of seven weeks. She also enjoys cuddling.

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“From hoodcat to a princess, Cloe found her forever home! I fell so hard for this little girl she was still underweight but I worked so hard to fatten her up,” Bree said.

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Being by herself is not something Cloe enjoys. She enjoys following her humans around and seeking for their complete attention. A common pastime is cuddling! She is always willing to lend a hand, and she is a fantastic weight training instructor. They made the decision to give Cloe a brother since they knew they couldn’t give her the care she required. This was not well received.

Sitting in Her Driveway 10

“She likes lounging with mom,” said Bree.

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“Today I adopted a baby brother for Cloe his name is Crowley and he’s 4 months old. Cloe is not pleased.”

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Undoubtedly, someone who delights in the spotlight The new circumstance did not sit well with Cloe. But after screaming and swatting for a few days, she finally gave up. They work together now on everything.
Mom could still be seen, though. Bree, who had no cats before, now has two, and she adores them to pieces. It was all because she discovered a small orphan in her yard.

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“They love each other so much now,” said Bree.

Sitting in Her Driveway 12


“The day I found you, I didn’t know what to do with you. Now I wouldn’t know what to do without you,” said Bree of Cloe.

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Credit: Instagram/ Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten

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