Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm

Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm

Emma Due to Patricia’s four active rescue cats, her home is rarely quiet. Specially Norman and Noah like playing and clashing with one another. “ My younger sister met Noah while out on a canoe trip. He was lying on the riverbed when I went to get him, and he never left, Patricia told The Dodo. “They behave and act like brothers.”

Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm 2

Since Noah joined the family, Norman has made it his job to take care of him. According to Patricia, “They like being close to one another.” “Wherever you find one, you usually find the other nearby.”

Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm 3

On a Saturday last month, Patricia was using a little period of peace to enjoy breakfast and a book when a storm began to develop. Her two cats were having a private moment of brotherly love when she raised her head to gaze out the window.

Only moments earlier, they had been fighting on the floor, but now they sat side by side, Norman appearing to soothe Noah. Patricia said, “The boys enjoy watching the rain from the window. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but a few minutes later I noticed Norman sitting with Noah by his side, just watching the storm.”

Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm 4

Patricia was able to take a short photo before leaving for work and post it to Twitter. By the time she got home, her post had gained a lot of attention. She was pleased that the special occasion had brought so much happiness to so many people.

Although Norman and Noah were used to being kind to one another, she had never seen their support for one another in such a lovely way. They’ll groom each other by exchanging such types of hugs.

Cat Comforts His Friend During Thunderstorm 5

The fact that Norman and Noah are certainly good friends in addition to being siblings makes Patricia happy.

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