Scarlett, A tale of devotion and courage

Scarlett, A tale of devotion and courage

In an abandoned Brooklyn garage where Scarlett and her five kittens resided, a fire broke out for unknown reasons. When firefighters arrived, they saw Scarlett removing her kittens one by one from the garage.

She made five consecutive trips into the dense, choking smoke and scorching heat to save her family from the burning structure since she could only carry one kitten out at a time. Her determination, bravery, and resilience were almost unbelievable.

Scarlett A tale of devotion and courage 1

While removing her babies from the fire, Scarlett suffered severe burns on her body. Her ears and paws burned, her eyes were blistered shut, and her coat was severely scratched. Her facial hair had mostly been burned off.

She counted her babies by touching each one with her nose to make sure they were all there even though her eyes were burnt shut before collapsing into unconsciousness.

After being brought to North Shore Animal League America, Scarlett and her kittens received burn and smoke inhalation treatment and were put in an oxygen chamber for special care. The mother’s eyes were swollen, and she also had severely burned ears, burned paws, and singed fur.

Scarlett A tale of devotion and courage 2

Scarlett required ongoing care and therapy for her wounds and heart condition, both of which she acquired when she was a member of the Animal League. After a month, one of the kittens passed away from a sickness. After three months of ongoing care, the rest of the family recovered.

Scarlett A tale of devotion and courage 3

After she recovered, Scarlett and her children were given up for adoption. After being adopted by the Wellens family, Scarlett received a lot of attention both inside and outside the home. She kept grabbing headlines in different news sites, got famous awards and titles, and even drew Oprah Winfrey’s attention.

Scarlett A tale of devotion and courage 4

Scarlett was diagnosed with inoperable lymphoma in 2007 at the age of 13, and after undergoing months of chemotherapy, the family decided to put an end to her life in October 2008.

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