This cat insists on sitting down at the table for dinner every single night

This cat insists on sitting down at the table for dinner every single night

At just 8 weeks old, Lilou joined his family and has since grown into a very curious, mischievous cat. His parents refer to him as “the crazy one” since his older siblings, Pinot and Minou, are far more reserved than he is. Philipp Kehrein, Lilou’s father, said, “He loves playing with the other cats and wants to decide himself when it is time to cuddle.”

This cat insists on sitting down at the table for dinner every single night

He has a lot of energy and curiosity. When I was snoring once, he wanted to see where the noise was coming from, so I was awakened by a very hairy cat sticking his snout in my mouth.

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Since Lilou enjoys spending time with his family, he started using the small cat tree his mother gave him to eat meals at the table close to his parents. He appreciates having continuous access to information, and being as close to the food as possible is obviously a key selling point.

lilou loves the food

Since Lilou’s parents recently began remodeling their dining room, they have been frequently dining on their balcony. Lilou always follows them out onto the balcony, being the curious boy he is.

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He assumed he would be welcomed at the outdoor table since Lilou had been joining them at the inside table while perched on his cat tree. Lilou took his mother’s place as soon as she got up from the balcony table the first time they ate outside.

cat that loves to sit infront of food

Now, whenever his parents eat outside, Lilou snatches his mother’s seat from the table as soon as she stands up to go inside and retrieve something. Sometime she eat her food also.

This cat is at the table for dinner every single night

Kehrein claims that he enjoys eating fish and poultry. Of our three cats, he is the one who likes to eat with us the most. Lilou only tries to take his mother’s food when he thinks no one is looking, but he still likes having family dinners on the balcony, where he gets to sit at the table until he has to give his mother his place back. According to Kehrein, he enjoys the company and occasionally gets gifts.

lilou and parents


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