A police officer adopts a lost kitten and decides to become her new father

A police officer adopts a lost kitten and decides to become her new father

The Lakeland Police Department’s evening shift had just begun when a report of a small cat wandering alone close to a busy intersection arrived. Officer Mike Cardin was called in to look into the matter, and when he got there, he found the cat curled up next to a lamp post, just inches from Saturday night traffic. He swiftly caught the grateful cat and carried her back to the station.

A police officer adopts a lost kitten and decides to become her new father

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Officer Cardin made the kitten a cardboard box and placed it in the kennel because the kennel at the station was far too large and thus very easy for the kitten to escape. When Sergeant Brian Wallace began his shift, the kitten was supposed to wait there until animal control could come and bring her up. Wallace decided to keep the new station resident company while working since, for some reason, he just couldn’t bring himself to leave her by alone.

Wallace told The Dodo, “I got to the station soon after Cardin had secured her and proceeded to check on her.” Here she was, scared and alone. Since it was still early in the shift, I simply could not leave her in that box for another 10 hours just to have animal control remove her.

A police officer adopts a lost kitten 

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The kitten was held by Wallace while he worked at his desk, Although she was initially startled and perplexed, the longer she sat on Wallace’s lap, the more at ease she seemed to become. After a while, Wallace decided it was time to go on patrol, so he also brought the kitten along.

“I removed the box she was originally in and put it in the passenger seat of my police car, facing me,” Wallace allegedly said. She stayed there for the rest of the evening, and I might add that she didn’t appear to mind.
Wallace was with the cat the entire time he was working, and after it was through, he made the decision that he wasn’t ready to let her go.

A police officer decides to become her new father

Sergeant Wallace took the cat under his wing and gave her the name Kelsey. Wallace stated, “That little face… I was done.” is very adept at adapting. She’s still getting used to living in a comfortable house rather being on the streets, and she’s savoring every new convenience that comes her way.
Of course, her fantastic new dad, who is already her best buddy, is her favorite aspect of her house.

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cat and police officer

She’s pretty loving, Wallace remarked. She nearly seemed to realize that, despite being so young and alone in the middle of busy traffic, she had a reasonable chance of surviving.

Credits: Brian Wallace

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