Cops rescue a kitten locked within a car engine

Cops rescue a kitten locked within a car engine

There is no better method to assist homeless pets given how jam-packed our country’s animal shelters are than to foster them. A kitten that was rescued by New York police officers after becoming wedged between a car’s engine and firewall was later adopted. Officers are seen in images from the incident taken by the Ramapo Police Department in Suffern climbing into the hood to inspect the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Cops rescue a kitten locked within a car engine

“Officers Genito, Simpson, and Dog Control Officer McGrath arrived to a home on Viola Road on Thursday in response to a report of a kitten being trapped inside a car’s engine. They managed to securely extract the kitten from the automobile after a protracted fight, according to a tweet from the Ramapo Police Department.

foster cat locker in the car engineCredit – Fox news

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According to the department’s announcement on social media, someone phoned Trail on May 26 to report the kittens in Lackawant, and the rescue operation started that day. The kitten was discovered by the police trapped between the engine and the firewall. They managed to free the kitty by using a car jack. Despite the recent harsh press that our police have faced, they remain unaffected and just concentrate on their work. Along with the police department, the Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps sent out emergency responders equipped with pet first aid kits.

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One of the officers who helped with the rescue, Christine Winter, adopted the cat and gave him the gift of a permanent home. Otto, a 4-week-old kitten who was given a family name by Christine, has joined Ella, another rescue cat who has since become a member of the group. We all have a responsibility to foster and adopt animals in animal shelters who are waiting for a family so they can have a permanent home. So please spread the love for pets by sharing this touching tale.

Cops rescue a kitten locked within an engineCredit: Nypost

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