The rescued cat slumbers in her miniature doll bed every night

The rescued cat slumbers in her miniature doll bed every night

When Sophie was about 3 years old, she and a huge number of other animals were all crammed into cages on top of one another in a hoarding situation. Cat was taken in by the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), where she was soon adopted by a new home.

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The wonderfully affectionate and gentle cat Sophie really wants to spend as much time as she can with her folks.The first few evenings after she was adopted, she would jump into bed with her adoptive parents. The first few evenings after she was adopted, she would jump into bed with her adoptive parents up to the top of their dresser and spend the entire night there. It seemed as though she wanted to be on a higher ground so she could monitor her parents and be sure she knew when it was time to stand up once more.

Christiana Viscusi, Sophie’s mother, told The Dodo, “She consistently persisted on sleeping on the dresser despite my attempts to get her to sleep in our bed.” So I cleaned out the dresser after a few nights and placed her bed there. Since then, whenever we go to bed, she goes up to her bed.

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Sophie’s bed is a little replica of a human bed, and she even has a set of removable blankets and covers. Her mother tucks her into bed every night, where she spends the entire night. Viscusi claims that she spends the entire night curled up there. She only gets out of bed once, about three in the morning, to get something to eat before going back to sleep till my alarm goes off in the morning.

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Mother of sophie has created an Instagram account for her so that everyone can take pleasure in her charming sleeping patterns. Many people wonder if Sophie’s mother is forcing her to appear in the bed for photos. Sophie simply wants to be close to her parents, thus she does in fact sleep in her bed every single night. She also wants to be asleep when they are all tucked into bed and slept for the entire night.

Sophie loves being outside even if she likes being inside. If I just say, “Sophie want to go outside?,” she will hurry over and sit down to get her harness on, according to Viscusi. She could spend hours sitting outside and watching the yard. Whenever I arrive home from work, she is waiting at the door and circling me to go outside. We follow a routine and spend at least one hour outside. I know she’s been impatiently waiting all day, so I’ll tell her when I come home.

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When Viscusi first started taking Sophie outside a year after she was adopted, she observed one of the neighbor’s cats beginning to follow them. Everywhere they went, Scottie would follow them, and as the weeks went by, he started to come closer and closer until, at last, he was constantly by Sophie’s side whenever she went outside.

Sophie’s mother hadn’t given it much attention until she found out that Scottie was rescued from a hoarding problem and adopted around the same time as Sophie. “I honestly don’t know,” Viscusi admitted, “but it’s quite likely that in the same area they are there and each put in a separate shelter. simply creates doubts. Given that Scottie’s owners assert that he hasn’t gotten along with any other cats and that they are shocked by how much he adores Sophie.

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Even though it’s impossible to say for sure whether Scottie and Sophie had a home, they genuinely adore one another and enjoy spending as much time as they can together. He comes over to hang out whenever we are outside, according to Viscusi. “Several times a week in the summer. He walks over and sobs at us when he sees us on our balcony from his lawn, then he sits at our backdoor and waits for us to bring her out. It’s really adorable.

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Sophie’s wonderful personality and love of life have not at all been affected by her traumatic childhood. She seems to be quite grateful for her family, her bed, her playmate, and the fact that they will love her for the rest of her days.

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