The most beautiful thing you’ll see today is a cat’s strange love for peaches

The most beautiful thing you’ll see today is a cat’s strange love for peaches

Now that summer is fully underway, farmers’ markets are overflowing with delicious produce, and one cat couldn’t be happier that peach season has finally here. Actually, Ozzy the cat doesn’t want to eat the delicious fruit. A pile of fuzzy, juicy peaches is the 5-year-old tabby’s preferred bed.

He even comes up with new uses for the downy fruit every time his family brings it home. Ozzy “nuzzles them, uses them as a pillow to rest on, or just hangs over them defending them,” according to Lydia Coutré, Ozzy’s owner, in an interview with The Dodo. His human sisters, Lydia and Lorraine, have spent years laughing uncontrollably at the cat’s strange antics.

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cat love peaches

The first peach season our family had him, “he was introduced to them,” Coutré remarked. We believe it is likely the feel of the peaches that he enjoys because he discovered them on the table and started rubbing on them right away.

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Ozzy finds the perfect spot to create a nest as Ozzy’s owner ripens peaches on newspaper. If Ozzy’s family wants to keep cat fur off of their produce, they will need to take extreme steps.
According to Coutré’s mother, the peaches were previously stored in the basement where they were out of Ozzy’s reach. He nonetheless found them, leaving a cat-sized hole in the middle of the once-straight rows of peaches.

cat's strange love for peaches

Since his adoption in the fall of 2013, Ozzy has resided with the Coutré family. When Lorraine and her mother decided to look at the cats up for adoption, they were volunteering at the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Michigan. Currently, they had no plans to grow their family, but when Lorraine first laid eyes on Ozzy, it was love at first sight.

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As Lorraine Coutré recalled to The Dodo, “I spotted Ozzy in the main lobby at the very beginning (his name was Blaze at the time) and couldn’t keep my mind off of him.” Right before we left, I finally got to meet him, and the moment I had him in my arms, he just melted. We brought him home because it was “Free Kitten Friday,” and partly because I was pleading with Mom, who couldn’t say no.

lydia corture with ozzy

Ozzy is a sociable and loving cat in general, but he is not fond of all kinds of round fruit. Actually, citrus has the complete opposite effect on him. Clementine is disgusting to Ozzy, claims Coutré. He turns up his nose, makes a face, smells them, and runs away. Ozzy loves peaches more than any other fruit.

Since then, Ozzy’s strange fascination with the in-season stone fruit has been made fun of by the Coutré family. Images of Ozzy taking a snooze amidst the peaches will be uploaded to the family chat room by the owners of Ozzy to please their daughters. Coutré eventually came to the conclusion that she couldn’t keep the funny photographs to herself and uploaded them on Twitter.

In just a few short days, the post has amassed over 100,000 likes and over 60,000 retweets. Ozzy is more concerned about the end of peach season than he is about his growing fame.
“I’m just pleased the internet loves him as much as we do,” Coutré concluded. We might also purchase him some out-of-season peaches to keep him company.

Credit: Lydia Coutre

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