Bagheera A Three Leg Cat Takes Bus tour to Airport

Bagheera A Three Leg Cat Take Bus tour to Airport

A three-legged wandering cat known as Bagheera has returned home to Wellington after his most recent adventure, which included taking a bus to Bristol Airport and staying in a hotel. Bagheera, who was hit by a car near the Cades Farm roundabout last year, frequently over the years. He’s frequently seen hopping on and off buses as passengers’ luggage is loaded and unloaded.

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Bagheera then arrived from the bus and was noticed by the driver, who realized what had happened and notified his owner, Amanda-Jayne Sullivan, who lives in Russet Close, via a local Facebook group. Meanwhile, Bagheera went to the airport’s long-term parking lot and jumped into a car, presumably to take a ‘catnap.’

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Bagheera was removed from the car by the owner, who then toured the airport’s north terminal before being discovered by Nigel Wicks, a vehicle servant at the nearby Airport Tavern Nigel housed Bagheera for the night, feeding and watering him, allowing his worried owner Amanda to pick him up the next morning. It was just one of many times Amanda had to fetch Bagheera, though most of his adventures had been closer to home, at places like Asda and Waitrose supermarkets, and Beech Grove Primary School.

“He causes me more stress than my children,” Amanda said, adding that “we are extremely relieved to have him home.”

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“We’ve had him since he was a kitten, so the kids are overjoyed to see him again.” But keeping Bagheera inside causes him a lot of stress, which I don’t think is fair to him, so he’s free to roam.”

Bagheera has previously hitched rides in DPD delivery vans, but the drivers have grown to know him and take him home once their rounds are completed.

“He’s definitely an adventurer,” Amanda said. “I think he finds it most comforting at the bus stop because he always ends up back there.” If he’s there, I’ll stop the car and open the passenger door, and he’ll jump in and come home for food, giving a little purr before he leaves again. It is now routine.

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“Even though he lost his back leg on the road last year, he still hangs out near the bus stop in the same spot where he was hit.”
Amanda stated that she had used numerous collars and tags on Bagheera, but they all seemed to vanish quickly.

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