A brave cat defends his owners against bullies

A brave cat defends his owners against bullies

Children bullied 5-year-old Ethan Fenton while he was having fun playing with his brother. The smaller youngster was afterwards knocked to the ground by one of the older men. Just as Sarah, Ethan’s mother, tried to step in, a cat hero sprung to the boy’s protection and punched one of the bullies in the chest.

After Smudge, Ethan’s cat, did a noble thing, the bullies retreated and grieved. “I heard them call Ethan’s name again, but he ignored them,” Sarah remarked. But after calling him once again, one of the boys approached Ethan and yelled, “Oi! Why are you ignoring me? she shouted as she pushed him back.

A brave cat defends his owners against bullies 1

According to the mother, Smudge ran out from under the car and hit one of the bullies after watching his owner being shoved to the ground. Ethan and his mother were incredibly grateful of their furry friend’s brave and dedicated action.

He had never done anything like that before, but Sarah said it was wonderful to see him watch out for Ethan in that way. Since it occurred, he has slept outside his bedroom keeping watch.

A brave cat defends his owners against bullies 2

This story challenged the popular misunderstanding that only dogs are devoted to their owners. Your cat may not see you as a superior being, but it does see you as a friend, and friends always need a helping hand now and then, don’t they? There are many stories of animals and people getting along well, and many of them are backed up by facts (just do a Google search!).

A brave cat defends his owners against bullies 3


A brave cat defends his owners against bullies 4

Your pet will eventually start to actually care about your welfare. Congratulations to Ethan and his friend Smudge for getting to that point since, of course, it takes love, adoration, and a lot of time spent together!

A brave cat defends his owners against bullies 5

Credit: Mirror.co.uk / Mercury

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