Cat Makes Friends With A Halloween Skeleton

Cat Makes Friends With A Halloween Skeleton

Halloween may be the freakiest holiday, but one cat proves she isn’t scared of anything, despite ghouls, goblins, and skeletons. Onyx, a young tortoiseshell cat, has decided that Halloween is the best time to make new friends. Charley Murphey, Onyx’s mother, brought home a decorative skeleton and set it in a lovely chair in the living room. It was Onyx’s first Halloween, and she’d never seen anything like it before, so she looked into it.

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Onyx’s life had been difficult until she moved in with Murphey and her husband a year ago. “Onyx survived being separated from her mother too young and [lived in] filthy conditions in the home where she was spotted with a number of other cats,” Murphey told The Dodo. “Her ears were unclean, and we had to clean them.”

Murphey and her husband were instantly charmed by Onyx’s ability to speak with their dog Captain through the bars of her cage. They knew she was coming home with them when she curled up on Murphey’s lap and fell asleep.

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Murphey watched Onyx’s transformation into a loving, caring cat who was always eager to cuddle up with her owners and placing a comforting paw on top of their hands. “Given everything she has been through, I believe she is loving by nature and grateful for her home with us,” Murphey added. “She only ever holds hands with us.” However, as Murphey soon realized, this was not always the case. While Onyx’s affections are usually focused toward her family, Murphey walked into the living room one day and observed Onyx climbing into a new lap – an artificial one, at that.

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The moving image led her to get out her phone and capture a few photos, which she later published on Reddit. “The beauty of this moment is forcing my thoughts to burst,” Murphey wrote. “Grasping paws is one of her loving gestures…” “She didn’t place her paw and head on his palm by accident,” Murphey explained.

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Onyx was glad to cuddle between the skeleton’s femurs and pelvis, whether it was the festive spirit or the understanding that the man of bones needed a little warming up. Seeing Onyx cuddle the skeleton was more rewarding than an entire jack-o’-lantern full of candies, according to Murphey.

“Like her brother, she has a big personality and has brought us a lot of joy,” Murphey remarked. “I don’t know how to express how grateful I am to have been gifted with these two lovely creatures who pack so much into such small packages,” Murphey concluded. “Without them, our family would be incomplete.” That’s all I’ve got.”

Credit: Charley Murphy

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