Meet Luhu, the Internet’s most sad-looking cat

Meet Luhu, the Internet’s most sad-looking cat

After a surgery was done on her, Luhu the cat ended up with big, sad eyes.


Luhu, Maggie Liu’s internet-famous cat, has more than 73,000 followers on Instagram. Luhu’s sad look was not something he was born with, even though his big eyes and drooping brows were cute. As a kitten, Luhu had eye infections that needed a major operation. This affected his vision, so when he needs to focus on something, he has to open his eyes very wide. Still, Luhu continues to make people happy with his unique looks and friendly attitude.


Luhu, a cute cat with a unique look, was born on August 12, 2012. Maggie Liu, who owns him, made him an Instagram account with the handle @lanlan731, and over 73,000 people follow it because of how cute it is. Liu is not surprised by how much people like Luhu’s unique look, but she is surprised by how famous he is. At first, Liu only put pictures of her cats on Instagram for fun. She had no idea that Luhu would become as famous as he is now.



Maggie Liu is happy to own three tabby cats, including Luhu, who has two loving brothers named Barher and Bardie. Liu says that all three cats are very nice and never fight with each other. Instead of trying to get her cats more attention, Liu just wants to keep posting about Luhu’s adventures on Instagram. When asked what she had planned for her pets, Liu said she wanted them to stay healthy and live with her for as long as possible.


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