The One-Eared Kitten Who Stole Our Hearts by Waving at Us and Hopping Around

The One-Eared Kitten Who Stole Our Hearts by Waving at Us and Hopping Around

As the kitten wandered around the shelter, he waved to everyone he saw from one ear and waited excitedly for someone to notice him.One-Eared Kitten 1

Hopper, a 9-month-old kitten, came to The Alaska Humane Society because his family could no longer take care of him. Even though the little guy was in a new place, he was full of energy and just wanted to be loved. After getting the care he needed, like getting neutered, he was taken to the healing room to rest. But Hopper wasn’t happy to just lie down and rest. He was determined to find himself the right family. As soon as he woke up, he stood on his back legs and tried to get everyone’s attention. The vet thinks Hopper’s misshapen ear is from an old injury, but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. In fact, it makes his already cute face even more interesting, and Hopper wears it with pride.

One-Eared Kitten 2

Shannon Basner, who started Alaska’s KAAATs, says that Hopper is a very likeable boy with a lot of energy, style, and a charming personality. He likes to play, but what he really wants is to give and get love. Hopper quickly made friends with the staff and workers at the shelter. His friendly personality and constant need for attention won them all over. He is a very loving and chatty cat who loves to be around people.

One-Eared Kitten 3

At first, the plan was to give Hopper a lot of time to get better before putting him up for adoption. But the pretty cat didn’t want to wait and had other plans. As luck would have it, an Alaskan pair was looking for a furry pet to bring into their home. They set up a face-to-face meeting at the shelter, but when they got there on the weekend, Hopper was sleeping in another room.

One-Eared Kitten 4

As they looked at the cats that could be adopted, one in particular caught their eye. A cat with only one ear seemed to want to be noticed. Arleen, who helps out at the shelter, told them about this unusual cat, so they went to check it out. When they went to the back area, a cat called Hopper was immediately friendly towards them, and they knew right away that they were meant to be together. Shannon told Love Meow that Hopper had made it clear that they were perfect for each other.

One-Eared Kitten 6

As soon as the couple walked into the room, Hopper jumped up on his back legs and started waving his paws all over the place. He was determined to get their attention and wouldn’t take no for an answer when he asked for their love. Hopper’s big, innocent eyes and the fact that he only had one ear made him so cute that the couple was quickly drawn to him. By the time he reached out his paws to them, they knew they had found their perfect furry friend.

One-Eared Kitten 7

Shannon said, “Love Meow!” and said that when Hopper put out his cute little hands, everyone fell in love with him. It was a reciprocal feeling, because Hopper felt right at home as soon as he met his new owner. Everyone was pleased that he didn’t have to be shown off on the adoption floor.

One-Eared Kitten 8

The two people went to the animal rescue to meet different cats, but to their surprise, a cute cat with only one ear picked them out. This one-of-a-kind cat hit it off with them right away, and they knew they had found their new friend. “From now on, Hopper and his forever family will go on a whole new adventure.”

One-Eared Kitten 5

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