Until they were both saved at the same time, this puppy protected and watched over a small kitten

Until they were both saved at the same time, this puppy protected and watched over a small kitten

A Chihuahua puppy was taking care of a small cat when Angela Ward spotted them at the Hampton Soccer Park soccer field in Hampton, Virginia. They were two defenseless animals cuddled up on the grass between two portable restrooms. In order to get help, the mother, her daughter Madison, and her friend Kristin Schultz decided to post the problem and its location on the social media site Nextdoor. In this manner, a few animal rescuers answered the call and hurried off to the scene.

Until they were both saved at the same time 1

The Dodo states that the two-year-old Chihuahua refused to leave the kitten alone when the recatistas arrived. One of the rescuers posted these words on social media: “Totally united… When we approach too closely, the dog barks, so we have called animal control and are waiting for them. We are three observing right now.

Until they were both saved at the same time 2

Gomez was the name of the dog, and Morticia was the name of the cat. Both were taken to the vet to receive medical attention. They were later taken to a nearby shelter, and a picture of them both was posted on the Hampton Roads, Virginia, Lost and Found Pets Facebook page in the hope that their family would come looking for them. However, they did not.

Director of Saver of Souls Pet Rescue Turkan Ertugrul said: “They seemed afraid in the picture. Because they can’t understand when you’re trying to help them, we like the terrified. Particularly now that dogs and cats are kept apart in shelters, Turkan couldn’t stop thinking about these two best friends.

Until they were both saved at the same time 3

According to Turkan, “We anticipated them to be separated because most shelters prohibit bringing dogs and cats together for safety reasons. We couldn’t sleep at night, thinking how they were related to one another because of their suffering. Turkan understood that they needed to be together for their psychological well-being, but she was also worried that a family might not be interested in adopting them all at once.

“Most shelters are unable to have companions adopted together,” said Turkan. Fortunately, Gomez and Morticia are now in a foster family since the shelter staff did not want to separate them and instead decided to let them have togethers in a conference room.

Until they were both saved at the same time 4

You could feel [Gomez’s] regret when she realised the black foster cats weren’t Morticia, as she had quickly rushed them at first, believing one of them to be Morticia. Gomez is shy when he initially meets someone, but he quickly gains trust. The door really opens up when Morticia is nearby. Unlike to when they meet people separately, they are both happier and more approachable when they are together.

Once neutered and vaccinated, both will be prepared to locate a long-term home that will give them the care they deserve. Gomez and Morticia are currently living happily ever after after being adopted together.

CREDIT: Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

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