7 Interesting Facts about Persian Cats

Persian cats are one of the famous cats breeds in the world. Yet Everybody likes cats, but the love for the Persian cats are different. So, here we are telling you about 7 Interesting facts about the Persian cats. Please make sure to share, comment & like.

7 Interesting Facts about Persian Cats

Mysterious Origin

The first fact is that nobody in the world knows where the Persian cats have been came from. Their origin is mysterious to us. The only thing we know us that they we bring into Europe form Persia in early 1600. People do not where their true homeland is & when was the first one was found.

The First Cat Show

In 1871, Crystal palace London the first cat show was done. And you know which cat was showcase there? Obviously Persian cat. There are about 20,000 people who have visited that event to see the Persian cat and also in that show that persian cat was awarded.

World Largest Cat Painting

Persian cat is also famous for it’s Painting which is known as “My Wife’s Lovers”. It is one of the famous painting that was sold for $826,000. It features  42 Persians. One of the excessive highly sky high painting over the years. The weight of that painting was 227 pounds & it comes under world largest painting.

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Queen Victoria Love Persian One

Queens Victoria was another big name that like the persian cat. She had multiple Blue-point Persians as she owned them. That’s why the popularity of persian cat was spread at Britain at that time.

Quite Calm Nature

Most of the persian cats are not adventurous, they do not like the trouble around them. Their nature are quite and calm which make them feel comfortable. The persian cats are perfect cat that do not cause any problem while you are away.

One of the Oldest Breed

Persian cats is one of the oldest breed of cats. According to the sources, they have been breed in Europe between 1500-1600. And they have been brought from Persia (Iran) living in the mountain regions. They have natural long fur hair with some having flat muzzle, tiny nose.

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Perfect Lap Cats

As you all know that persian cats are somewhat lazy and sluggish. They wont move around a lot. It makes them a lapcat which is a perfect word for them. They can spend a long time in any chair or any furniture without any disturbance. They are also called “furniture with fur”.

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