Top 5 Most Expensive Cat In The World

Cat are the most loveable and popular one. Half of the people in earth wants cat to be their pet. Just Take a look around the list of most expensive cats or cat breed in the world today. You will not believe the list.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cat In The World

Sphynx Cat

sphynx cats

Price range – $5,000 – $9,800

One of the most well-liked cat breeds in the world is the sphynx. It is also one of the more uncommon breeds, which drives up the cost of these cats. They require special care because they are nearly hairless, especially in severe temperatures where they risk getting sick. Sphynx cats are therefore more suited to persons who have prior cat ownership expertise.

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Persian Cat

persian cat costly

Price range – $4,000 – $5,500

The fourth most popular cat breed globally in 2018 was the Persian cat, according to The Cat Fanciers’ Association. The Persian cat, which is adored for its appearance, is most recognized by its flat face and long, thick hair. The Persian cat’s coat needs intensive daily combing with a comb, unlike the majority of other cat breeds. Persian cats come in a range of colors, but the white kind is the most sought-after. They can be ranged around over $5000.

Bengal Cat

bengal cats

Price range -$10,000 – $25,000

The Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a small wildcat called the Asian leopard cat. Although they have been bred since the 1800s, they haven’t been bred in any substantial quantities until the 1970s. The International Cat Association did not acknowledge them until 1983. Bengal cats are prized for having wild markings, including occasionally rosettes resembling those on leopards, jaguars, and other large cats. Their high price is a result of this as well as their limited supply.

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savannah cat

Price range – $10,000 – $50,000

The Savannah Cat is one of the biggest and most costly pet cats in the entire world. Even though the Savannah Cat is a cross between an African Serval cat and a domestic house cat, some jurisdictions have outright prohibited the species because it isn’t regarded as domestic. The price of a female F1 Savannah cat can reach $50,000. Despite being domesticated for more than a century, these cats are not simple to care for. Savannah cats are diva-like creatures who abhor using a toilet. They don’t usually get along with strangers and only consume raw meat. Having said that, they are highly devoted to their owners and, with proper training from a young age, are sociable with strangers and even other animals.

Ashera Cat

ashera cat

Price range – $100000 – $125000 or over

Since 2006, just 100 or more Asheras have been purchased, making them incredibly uncommon and challenging to find. These cats are about 30 lbs. in weight, quite tall, with huge, pointed ears, and spotted and striped coats. It is one of the rarest cat breed that is most difficult to find. That’s why they are most expensive cat in the world. So, if you want to purchase this cat breed then you have to spend almost $125000 from your hand.

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