An emergency worker saved an abandoned cat from a busy street

An emergency worker saved an abandoned cat from a busy street

Last Wednesday, a Burlington, North Carolina, EMS worker who was assisting the police in Mebane discovered the kitty. A cub the size of a palm sobbed desperately looking for its mother, who was nowhere to be found. When the kitten was found on the road next to the construction site, it was just ready to crawl onto the fast traffic. The ambulance officer wasted no time in bringing the famished child to the offices of Sparkle Cat Rescue, where his wife works as a volunteer. Advocates for animal rights were more than qualified to assist the kitten.

An emergency worker saved an abandoned cat from a busy street

Co-founder of the rescue group Stephanie Grantham quickly administered the crumbs using a syringe, warmed his body with a blanket, and made plans for an overexposure where he would receive round-the-clock care. Volunteer foster care worker Sarah Kelly, who specializes in new-born kittens, offered her assistance. In recognition of the well-known traveler, the infant was given the name Bear Grylls. Sarah comments, “Like his namesake, this small man is strong at surviving.”

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An emergency worker saved an abandoned cat

Since he resembles a teddy bear, “Bear” has always been our favorite name. By adding “Grylls” as a “last name,” we can connect all of these survival stories with the story of a kitten who was abandoned by the side of the road and survived despite everything.

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An emergency worker saved 
An incubator was utilized to maintain the kitten’s body temperature at the proper level. After that, he shown incredible willpower to survive, gaining a hero’s hunger and starting to purr after every meal.

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At around ten days old, Bear was a little, weak creature with bright eyes, a strong purr motor, and a robust voice. Bear immediately grasps the situation when Sarah enters the room holding a bottle, and he starts to make loud, forceful announcements of her requests without giving much thought to such trivialities as three or four in the morning. Baby Bear was given a cuddly soft toy that he does not leave all the time in order to prevent loneliness, and the foster mother visits him every couple of hours.

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abandoned cat saved from a busy street

Workers went back to the same location and searched the neighborhood for the kitten’s mother or supposed siblings. Sarah speculates that it’s conceivable they left him there because they didn’t discover anything.
The kitten grew bigger and heavier in just a few days, was healthy and pot-bellied, and you just wanted to kiss it! “Baby Bear is healthy. He was fortunate to not have been discovered too late, adds Stephanie. The kitten’s future is bright and cheerful because of the rescuers; he won’t have to spend a single day on the streets.

worker saved an abandoned cat from a busy street

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