MYLO, the three-legged cat, refuses to let his disability hold him back

MYLO, the three-legged cat, refuses to let his disability hold him back

Despite being lacking a leg, Mylo is a joyful cat who enjoys nothing more than cuddling with his family, watching “Catflix,” and chasing butterflies in the garden. In 2018, his owner Sarah Gooding got him from Kitties Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Center. She thinks that despite their limitations, Purrfectly Imperfect cats have so lot to offer.

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I chose to look at the kitties available with a colleague after looking at the local Cats Protection website for something related to work (I work in nonprofit fundraising),” Sarah stated. “I’m a sucker for a depressing animal tale, so when I read the details of how he had lost his leg on the page, something just clicked. I recently moved back to the region and was living alone. I thought Mylo would make the ideal companion because I could keep him safe and make sure he had the greatest life possible.

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Sarah was grateful to receive some professional assistance from the Cats Protection staff because she hadn’t owned a cat—much less a crippled moggy—since she was a young girl. The team at Cats Protection Birmingham did an excellent job of outlining any additional care he could require, which turns out to be not much. He has the same level of mischief as a four-legged cat. He still has full use of his rear legs for jumping and other activities because only one of his front legs is missing, thus he has no trouble climbing stairs or climbing up furniture. It was the same as bringing home any other cat to bring him home.

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The staff’s primary point was that I should keep an eye on his weight since it could put a lot of extra strain on his joints because it would be distributed over only three legs. He was really shy, according to the workers as well. When I went to visit him, I had to crawl in on my hands and knees because he hadn’t ventured out of his kitty castle very much and wouldn’t go up into the display part of his pen. But the moment I brought him home, he snuggled up on the couch next to me and fell asleep with his head on my lap!

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Mylo quickly became comfortable in his forever home and began to identify some new favourite pastimes. “Throughout the summer, Mylo’s favourite activity has been to go to our neighbor’s garden, which has a large buddleia bush and a lots of butterflies. Fortunately, he hasn’t been up to any mischief and our neighbour seems to have quite enjoyed watching him chase the butterflies, so we didn’t know this until our neighbour came over to let us know.

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He enjoys watching cat videos on YouTube, or Catflix as we like to call it. His favourite is a quidditch video with a Harry Potter theme in which he tries to catch the golden snitch on the screen. Mylo also has a remarkable sense of timing and routine. He has figured out how to tell when we are getting ready for bed, so he always gets up from wherever he is sitting, goes up the stairs before us, and jumps into the bed. Every every night, without fail, he does that.

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Even if my boyfriend has already been downstairs in the morning, he won’t arrive until I do. He stays by my side the entire morning—by the bed when I wake up, lying next to me as I got ready, and even accompanying me as I descend the stairs. My spouse has usually called him and set his food out, but he still won’t go downstairs unless I do. Lovely Mylo has been as active as ever throughout 2020, not even fazed by a statewide lockdown.

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Mylo is able to leave the house like any other cat, but he has made the most of our presence by returning to the house every two to three hours for a snack and a fuss before leaving once more. Having us both at home has definitely affected his schedule, so I fear that he might find it unusual when we return to work, but I have discovered that he adapts to changes in his surroundings surprisingly well, especially given all he has been through in his brief life so far!

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Mylo has demonstrated that a cat can live on three legs and still have a joyful existence, and Sarah hopes that other prospective cat owners will consider adopting a #PurrfectlyImperfect cat like Mylo. “It’s like having a cat with legs! Like any cats, Mylo may be distant when he wants to, but the majority of the time he is quite affectionate, and I attribute this to the hardships he has endured and the time he has spent without a home. He has no special requirements beyond monitoring his weight, just like a “regular” cat.

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“The Cats Protection staff did a terrific job of prepping me for what having a disabled cat may entail and truly got me ready for the worst. The only issue is that it can be difficult to monitor his weight when he sits next to the treat cabinet and gives you “the look”!

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