When my cat is playing around and this is its face

When my cat is playing around and this is its face

When my cat is in the middle of one of its fun adventures, its furry little face changes in a very interesting way.


Its eyes look like two gleaming emerald orbs that seem to hold the secrets of a thousand experiences when they open wide. As the cat acts out, its pupils get bigger, like little black holes, taking in every detail of its surroundings. Its ears perk up and become radar dishes that can pick up the smallest rustle or chirp. This makes its already sharp hearing even better.


With each quick movement, the whiskers, which are like tiny antennae that twitch and move, come to life and wiggle and quiver. The mouth, which is usually calm and smooth, changes into a mischievous grin that shows a set of tiny, white teeth and a set of tiny, pointed fangs that could be used to play tricks if it wanted to. The tongue pops out like a pink flash sometimes to quickly clean a spot of fur or show how happy it is with its own play skills.


This face, which shows pure, unfiltered happiness and endless energy, never fails to make me smile. It’s a reminder of the simple pleasures in life, the unburdened happiness that can be found in the most ordinary times, and the pure joy that can be found in the company of a furry, four-legged friend. When my cat is playing, his face shows the lively, happy spirit that animals can bring into our lives. It is a reminder of how beautiful the present moment is.

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