Dad claimed he didn’t like cats until he cared for this kitten

Dad claimed he didn’t like cats until he cared for this kitten

Hira Khalid, a Pepperdine University student, had actually acquired a cat recently named Bilu from Los Angeles’ NKLA Pet Adoption Center. The adorable cat quickly settled into her new home and adored her mother, Khalid. “He’s the sweetest, most caring cat,” Khalid said. “I’m honestly so lucky to have him because he’s so friendly — he sits on anyone’s lap and starts purring, and cuddles with them on their chests.”

Dad claimed he didn't like cats until he cared for this kitten story

But then Khalid was invited to join her friends on a week-long trip to Mexico. So she had to find a reliable babysitter for Bilu. She decided to ask her parents, but they flatly refused. Her father claimed he didn’t like cats because he was afraid Bilu would be like their previous family cat, Bubba. “He didn’t want the shambles,” Khalid explained.

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Bubba was a cat who lived both inside and out. When he went outside and returned filthy, he would leave tracks all over the place, Khalid recalled. He shed a lot and was unsanitary with his litter. My parents have been against cats ever since. They had their last cat about five or six years ago.

Dad claimed he didn't like cats until he cared for this kitten

Unfortunately, she was unable to find someone to care for Bilu, so she returned to her parents. “Wait a minute. I said. He’s fine; he’s toilet-trained. She pleaded, “I absolutely need you to keep him for a week.”

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“My father said, ‘OK, fine, if there’s no other option,'” Khalid explained. “So I gave Bilu away for a week.” Khalid was constantly wondering how things were going at her parents’ house during her vacation, but she was relieved because everything was going so well.

Dad claimed he didn't like cat

After a few days, she received some adorable photos — her father had taken some photos of himself with Bilu hugged against his neck.

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Khalid was both surprised and ecstatic. Her father initially disliked cats, but after spending enough time with one, he comes to love them and realizes how beautiful they are. “I was astounded that my father and Bilu connected,” Khalid said.

Dad claimed he didn't like cats until he cared for cat

On his way back to Los Angeles, Khalid stopped to pick up Bilu. Even though her father refused to watch the cat again, she is aware that both of her parents did not want him to leave. They did say they would miss him when I put him in his backpack to bring him back to my flat, Khalid added.

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Cats are marvelous & it’s tough not to like them because they’re so fluffy, cuddly, and adorable. If you like cats, please leave a message and let us know your thoughts.

Credits: Hira Khalid

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