The Cutest Cat on Two Legs, Roux, is Here

The Cutest Cat on Two Legs, Roux, is Here

Introducing Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, also called Roux to her friends. Transverse terminal hemimelia is a rare condition, and Roux was born with it. Her front legs stop at the humerus, the upper bone of the front leg, according to X-rays. Jackie Deak Akey recently acquired her from an animal shelter where her former family had left her after deciding they couldn’t handle her condition.

The Cutest Cat on Two Legs 1

Despite the fact that she moves differently than other cats and may experience back issues as she ages, the veterinarians are of the view that she is not in pain. She has good mobility and manages to get by without her front legs. Though she may eventually wear prosthetics, for the time being her mobility is good due to the strength of her rear legs and her high jumping ability.

The Cutest Cat on Two Legs 2

According to Jackie, who adopted Roux, the cat wakes her up every morning with what I like to call her alarm-meow at the foot of the bed. She then spends the rest of the day resting and playing with Kona and Graybee, two elder four-legged cat sisters.

The Cutest Cat on Two Legs 3

Throughout the day, the girls left their toys all over the home. Later, she is an an eager eater, and her meows signalling dinnertime are quite loud.

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She takes a long bath after dinner and typically has a few playful outbursts before going to bed. She either jumps onto our bed by herself or I carry her as her day comes to an end to cuddle and curl up to sleep.

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